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Form Teachers


MR TAN WEE KOK.jpgMr Tan Wee Kok
To nurture that child holistically, value add and let the child excel in what they are good at.

MR MOHD YUSOFF.jpgMr Mohd Yusoff Education is a lifelong process. There's no end to it until you reach the end of your life.

4H.jpg MDM SITI RAMZAH MOHD PARIK.jpgMdm Siti Ramzah
I believe every pupil has the ability to bring something unique and special into the world. Hence, as an educator, I help the pupils develop their potential by believing as capable individuals.

Miss Tan Wanyi Issabella.jpgMs Issabella Tan I believe that every child is capable of appreciating and creating good music if an opportunity is given to them. As a Music educator, I strive to awaken their joy in expressing themselves creatively as music builds the soul of humans.

MRS SHIRLEY WANG.jpgMs Shirley Tan Education can create a better tomorrow for the future of our nation.

MR KHAIRUL HARIS BIN KAREM.jpgMr Khairulharis I believe that our kids are like film negatives. They are full of information and with the right processes, we can assist them in developing the final photographs.

MR TAY HUEY CHIANG.jpgMr Tay Huay Chiang Education makes a big difference in this world.

MRS KRIS HAY ANG MEI HUI.jpgMrs Kris Hay Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.
  MDM XU JINGWEI.jpg Mdm Xu JingWei Education is about love and patience.