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1. How are parents notified of school events? 
    • Parents can refer to the school’s Term Calendar in the CHAMPS letter issued at the start of every term. 
2. Who should I contact to provide feedback to the school? 
3. What should I do if I need to contact my child urgently while he/she is in school? 
    • You may call the school at 6244 7652
4. How can I contact my child's form teacher? 
    • You may contact your child's form teacher via email. The email addresses can be found in the form teacher’s letter given to parents at the start of the year. 
5. For enquiries, is there a contact number or e-mail address that I can write to? 
6. Where can I find the contacts to school bus services, student care and bookshop? 
7. My child has misplaced his EZ-link card. How can I get a replacement? 
8. How do I update a change of my residential address? 
    • Kindly obtain a copy of the MOE Change of Address form from the school’s General Office during school hours.