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Principal's Message

School Principal - Ms Jessie Lim Chien Chin
At East Coast Primary School, we believe our students are CHAMPS who are:

  • Caring for one another;
  • Humble in attitude;
  • Aspiring for excellence;
  • Morally upright;
  • Passionate towards learning; and
  • Steadfast in their effort.

We believe every child is special and can be actively engaged in learning. We seek to provide every child with the opportunity to explore and discover his talents and interests. We are committed to nurturing students who find joy in living, loving and learning.

We believe that teachers are professionals who are good role models for our students. Our teachers are curriculum leaders who endeavour to design learning experiences that best meet the needs of our students. Our teachers are also caring educators who create a safe and conducive environment for learning.

We believe that parents are the children’s first teachers and play an instrumental role in our students’ growth and development. The school thus seeks to establish strong partnership and close collaboration with our parents in order to provide the best education for every child.

We believe in our calling to prepare our students for the future by equipping them with a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy and developing in them future-ready skills. We are proactive in helping students acquire the attitudes and attributes which would stand the test of time.

We believe that learning must be meaningful and joyful. Through our dual Learning for Life Programmes (LLP), students acquire a wide range of skills and develop a passion for life-long learning.

The school’s first LLP, Modular CCA, focuses on the development of 21st century competencies through Co-Curricular Activity modules. Over 6 years, students acquire both depth of learning in their core CCA module as well as exposure to other co-curricular activities that allow them to learn new things and discover other interest areas.

The school’s second LLP, Thinking Art, provides students with a strong foundation in art learning and equips them with a progression of skills from the different art genres. The process of ideation, creation and reflection helps our students develop not only perseverance, self-discipline and self-awareness, but also critical and inventive thinking.

The school also engages every child in Project E-Champs where students acquire 21st century competencies in an authentic learning environment. Using the Problem-Based Learning approach, students work collaboratively to explore a real-life situation and in the process develop their competencies in devising a creative proposal to the problem.

We believe that our students come first, and we are committed to nurturing them to become members of a Caring Community, Passionate Learners and Responsible Individuals.

Ms Jessie Lim Chien Chin