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School Uniform

  • Pupils have to wear the prescribed school uniform and no modification to the uniform is allowed.
  • Pupils are to sew/iron name tag on left side 2cm below the school logo of shirt.
  • Boy - no drooping pants allowed
  • Girl - skirt must not be more than 5cm above the knee

Shoes Fingernails Socks
  • White school shoes only
  • No slippers allowed
  • No coloured trimmings on shoes
  • Short & clean nails
  • No colour / nail polish
  • Must be visible, No ankle socks
    are allowed
  • White socks only
  • No coloured trimmings
Hair Length Accessories Hair Color
For boys,  the hair should :
  • be above Collar
  • not cover the ears
  • (fringe) be above eyebrows

For girls, the hair should:
  • be tied up if it falls below the collar or touches shoulder
  • not cover the eyes
  • No rings, nose rings allowed
  • No bracelets / necklaces / chains allowed
  • No big dangling earrings allowed
  • Only small ringed earrings / small ear studs allowed 
  • Only one pair of earrings allowed
  • Boys - no earrings allowed at all
  • Black / Natural
  • No dying / highlight / bleach
Boy School Uniform
Girl School Uniform