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Chinese New Year Celebrations

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As part of Chinese New Year Celebration, our East Coast Primary School has carried out an Art Competition piriored to the Chinese New Year. For this competition, P1 and P2 pupils did the New Year Picture Coloring, P3 and P4 pupils did the Red Package Design, P5 and P6 pupils did the New Year Greeting Card Design during their art classes. After the competition, there were 3 winners selected from each level and they were rewarded with prizes. Through this competition, students have got to know some Chinese traditional custom related to the Chinese New Year and they all enjoyed a lot.

On 18th of February 2015, we held an impressive Chinese New Year concert at the school hall. The highlights of this year’s concert were the Lion Dance as well as the Tradition Fan Dance put up by our school Chinese CCA dancers. Dressed in colourful traditional costume, a P6 student, Tang zhiyu showed Chinese Martial Art on the stage. Our pupils also had a hands-on session to try traditional Chinese instrument Er Hu with the music teacher after the Chinese Orchestra performed by a group of very talented and young teachers. The response from the audiences was overwhelming, and our school indeed had a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration.

Total Defence Day

P1-P2 Pupils Learning How They Can Play Their Part in Total Defence    P3-P4 Pupils Learning How to Identify Bomb Threats P5s and P6s trying out wound management The Sweet Potato Experience 5A Showing their Appreciation Cards

East Coast Primary School commemorated Total Defence Day on Friday, 13th February 2015. The theme this year is SAF 50: Giving Strength to our Nation.

Since 2015 marks fifty years of both Singapore's independence and the formation of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), the school made use of the termly Kids Appreciate initiative to encourage pupils to show their appreciation to members of the Singapore Armed Forces, which consists of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

In order to create the total CCE (Character and Citizenship Education) experience, the pupils participated in the water rationing exercise, where most of the taps were turned off during recess, and the sweet potato experience, where pupils and teachers had a chance to taste boiled sweet potatoes during recess. These experiences serve to remind them of the need to save water and treasure what they have as they are likened to what our forefathers experienced during the Japanese Occupation.

During the concurrent sessions, the primary 5 and 6 pupils learnt basic first aid skills such as what one should do in the event of a cut or burn, as well as how to apply wound dressing. The primary 1 and 2 pupils learnt what Total Defence and water rationing are while the primary 3 and 4 pupils learnt about emergency preparedness in the event of a bomb threat.

NE Ambassadors Visit to SAF50@Vivo on Total Defence Day

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On 13th February 2015, Total Defence Day, 3 teachers brought 38 NE Ambassadors from Primary 3 to Primary 6 to an event organized by the Singapore Armed Forces to celebrate 50 years of defence. The pupils went on board RSS Endurance, one of the ships that was deployed in the search for the recent AirAsia QZ8501 that went down in December 2014.

It was an eye-opening experience for the pupils, as they saw first hand, the living facilities for the Singapore Navy such as the bunks, toilets and kitchen. At the end of the tour, the pupils had an opportunity to present their handwritten appreciation cards to the Naval Divers on behalf of all the pupils and staff of our school. It was a great learning experience for these pupils, as they caught a glimpse of the life and rigour of the training our servicemen and women go through to keep Singapore’s defence strong and operationally ready.

Champs Term 1

Champs Term 1

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P5 Penang Trip 2015

For more details on the P5 Penang Trip, please visit this website.

Singapore Road Safety Month 2015

Singapore Road Safety Month 2015

In conjunction with the Third United Nations Global Road Safety Week (4th to 10th May 15), the Singapore Road Safety Council, in partnership with Ministry of Education, Traffic Police and various agencies, has organised a carnival as part of the Singapore Road Safety Month. Children and road safety is the theme for this year.

The carnival will be held on Sat & Sun, 9th & 10th May 2015 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre Hall C. The carnival aims to help our children and teens, as well as their parents, learn the importance of road safety. Admission to this carnival is free.

Junior Boys Sychronized Skipping 2015

Junior Boys Sychronized Skipping 2015

The school's Junior Boys Sychronized skipping team came in third for the Singapore Primary Schools National Skipping Championship 2015 on the 28th April 2015. The competition was strong and the results were within a narrow margin.

Cyberwellness Activities 2015

cyberwellness3 cyberwellness2 cyberwellness1 cyberwellness4

On 13th April, we shared with pupils on Cybersafety. It is important for pupils to be cautious and to protect themselves online. Both school and parents have to work together to educate pupils not to give out their personal information to strangers and safeguard themselves online.

On 14th April, we invited teachers and Cyberella from CHIJ Katong Primary School to share with our pupils on Cyberwellness tips. Our pupils were so excited to see Cyberella! They sure had an enjoyable recess that day! We look forward to seeing them again!

We also held our Cyberwellness colouring competition and game activities during recess that week. These activities were designed by our Cyberwellness ambassadors 2015. Look out for more Cyberwellness activities in Term 3!

ECPS Celebrates International Friendship Day

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On 10th April 2015 (Friday), the school celebrated International Friendship Day. The theme for this year was “Deepening International Friendships”.

The day began with a morning assembly sharing where pupils learnt about the reasons why countries needed friends and also about the strong friendships that our country’s leaders have established across the years.

Following the sharing, the pupils were introduced to one country in greater depth. Different levels were introduced to different countries such as the United Kingdom, Chile and South Korea. Pupils learnt about the currency, geographical location and cuisine of that country. Then, the pupils learnt and played a traditional game from that country so that they could fully participate in the activity. For example, the Primary 6 pupils learnt a paper origami game from South Korea. They were taught to fold Ddakji from origami paper and had a competition where they had to flip their opponent’s Ddakji over.

It was a meaningful time set aside for the pupils for them to learn and experience a glimpse of another country so that pupils will be able to understand and appreciate the culture and lifestyle of another country.

July 2015

Friday 10th July 2015 11 am to 1 pm

Dare to Discipline

Discipline is not a dirty job to be undertaken by someone else other than you. Discipline at appropriate times and with plenty of love is essential when it comes to parenting.

August 2015

Friday 14th August 2015 11 am to 1 pm

Imparting Values to my Children

Children today live in a different world compared to what we grew up in. Technology has increased their exposure to violence and sex. Technology has alos opened up ways for them to connect with people and the world which was unthinkable in our time. Imparting values to our teenagers has therefore become even more critical in our roles as parents. This programme will guide the participants as they explore what values matter to them and how they can impart these values to their teenagers in an effective and practical manner.

September 2015

Tuesday 8th September 2015 9 am to 12 pm

Parent-Child Bonding Programme - Bolla Bolla

"Bolla Bola (Bolla is “bubble” in Italian, Bola is “ball” in Spanish) is the first of its kind in Singapore. Bolla Bola is essentially a variation of football with a twist – players will be enclosed in a gigantic plastic bubble that will form a protective layer around each player while he / she is engaged in a game of football. However, this bubble severely restricts the player’s movements and will therefore be more of a liability than asset. The objective of game is the same as football - to score goals. The additional rule in Bolla Bola is that tackles can be made by bumping each other off with the plastic bubble, which instantaneously ups the fun factor! What’s more, it’s a great workout.

However, Bolla Bola also has an experiential learning aspect. Participants will be split into 2 teams. One team will be engaged in Bolla Bola while the other in the traditional football game. After a stipulated time, the 2 teams will swap with one another. When both teams have finished playing Bolla Bola and football, they will gather for a facilitated reflection session conducted by REAL Academy Facilitators. Some experiential learning points include knowing how “no man is an island”, self-discipline, perseverance, how every family member needs one another and why forming a ""bubble"" around oneself can harm relationships and loved ones / colleagues / friends over the long term.

Bolla Bola! can also be a series of games and challenges that can inculcate family values, build great relationships, strengthen bonds and develop self.

SG 50

SG 50 Icon

The Ministry of Education is pleased to organise a Tribute Event on 4 April 2015 at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay as part of the SG50 celebrations to honour and to appreciate the contributions of our pioneers and seniors. It will be held on 4 April 2015 (Sat), from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

This is a special event to honour and express our appreciation for our pioneers and seniors. They will be able to enjoy the day with their friends and family, take “A Walk Down Memory Lane” and participate in the variety of activities lined up for them. If you are one of our serving MOE pioneers and seniors (i.e. education officers and administrative staff who are 60 and above as at 31 December 2014) or know of one, you may register for the tribute event by 10 February 2015 (Tue). Registration and more event details can be found at www.moe.gov.sg/pioneereducators

SG50 - Building My SG, Staff Engagement



Tips for Parents for Websites

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