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Parents' Support Group

As a school, we believe in strong partnership with our stakeholders. In ECPS, our parents are our partners and our pride. Through our collaborations and partnership, our Parent Support Group (PSG) has successfully created a network of link between the school and our parents for greater involvement in their children’s education. With this strong partnership, we have now members who come from diverse backgrounds with varied skills and experiences.

With this varied skills and experiences, there is an exchange of expertise between our PSG members and teachers when our PSG members take on roles as project facilitators and as support personnel for school programmes. They provide expert knowledge in their areas of strengths when they demonstrate the skills in cooking in “I Can Cook” programme while our teachers provide further support on the teaching of the values of acting responsibly in making the right choice in choosing the type of food our pupils eat.

Finally, if you are interested in becoming part of the ECPS Parents Support Group family, you can get the PSG registration form from the General Office or click here to download. We look forward to hear from you soon!!

National Day Celebration -
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Parent's Workshop

Attached here with is the parents workshop organised by Family Matters@ School for Semester 1 2015. Please click here to read more.

Parenting Books

Dear parents,

The books listed are available in the school's library for your reading pleasure. You can also loan them out using your child's account if you wish to. Please approach the librarian for more details on the loan out procedure. Thank you.

Click here to view the list of books.

MOE Partnerships in Education Office (PEO) -- Initiatives and resources for parents and schools

The PSG Conference was held on 12th Apr. At this Conference, Mr Heng, Minister for Education, shared four ways for every parent to be a supportive partner to bring out the best in every child. Click here to read more about our Minister’s speech and the PSG Conference. Read more...

For All Parents

Click on the icon to download the respective forms.
Change of Address Form

Change of Address Form

Booklist for P1-P6

ECPS Book List 2018

Travel Plans Form

           Travel Plans Form

Pupils who have a change in their residential address will need to submit this form to the general office.

Pupils who are travelling overseas have to fill-up and submit the form to their form teachers.